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SensorGage is flexible platform integrator for technologies, systems and services in the City

To be smart, you need data to work on. SensorGage implements, connects and gathers the data from different technologies and systems into one unit and offers well-arranged tracking of outputs and their effective supervision.

How SensorGage works

It does not matter, how big your project is – SensorGage is developed as an extensible platform and is ready to operates in different areas – brightly and easily. Meet SensorGage and uncover all unexpected possibilities of your city!


SensorGage platform was developed with an emphasis on integration of partners devices and participation of their programmers on development.


We strive to keep simple extensibilityeasy adaption of existing project and hardware independence.


User interface is simple, clear and uniform across all modules. All functions are available on one-click.

Smart City - The SensorGage Way

„Smart City“ term is usually big nightmare for all interested people. From our point of view, it is nothing new and nothing revolutionary – we only named new ideas associated with the expansion of modern technologies and communication resources in cities.


Our platform integrates all sensors, whatever wireless communication technology they use.

Sensor Library

Access to a library of sensor information to install, configure and calibrate your sensors.

Citizen participation

Integrating citizen participation is key to the development of smart cities.

Big Data

Make sure of the integrity of the data that you are receiving


Have a clear and instant overview of all your city sensors

Thresholds and Alerts

Set thresholds and receive an alert when the sensors are not operating correctly