We have developed our expertise through the GIS field these past years by addressing large geographically distributed operations and their need for digitization of field activities. Cities use our platform for their geographically distributed operations. We integrated connectivity to sensors in our MapGage platform as they have become an important element of operations management and require that they be inspected and managed by field operators.

Cities have also initiated policies to become smart. Due to lack of access to sensor data, smart cities are putting too much energy into delivering on sustainability and smart solutions to their citizens. We improve efficiency and ensure reliable data is gathered by smart cities. We strongly believe we’ll make a difference in improving the key factors that make for a great city.

We are addressing this issue by developing a dedicated platform: Sensorgage.
We are seeking collaboration with cities having issues aggregating and controlling their sensor data. The object of our collaboration would be to improve on the specifications needed for an optimal platform to best respond to your expectations.

If you are interested in our field operation tool for sensor installation, calibration and inspection, we invite you to visit Mapgage, our map-centric field operation platform.