Do you know if your sensors are operating correctly? How many software do you use to see your sensors? Are you hesitant about deploying those new sensors?

Sensorgage addresses the need Smart Cities have for a unique overview of the varied sensors and their data that have been installed across town. We connect to all sensors whatever their technology and aggregate the sensor data into a single dashboard, thus returning ownership and control of their sensors to city administrations. 

With Sensorgage, cities ensure that sensors are operating, generate reliable data, that the city security is not jeopardized, and that citizen privacy is protected.

How we do it
Sensorgage addresses issues cities have with their smart sensors:

  • Lack of overview,
  • Lack of supervision,
  • Lack of interoperability between smart services,
  • Multiple dedicated software,
  • Multiple contractors,
  • Limited access to data.

Resulting in a smart city landscape that is an accumulation of closed systems. Dedicated hardware connected to dedicated software pouring data in a dedicated silo.

Sensorgage connects to the multiple sensors independently of make or technology.

For the benefit of city administrations:

  • Inventory of sensors,
  • Surveillance and control of sensors,
  • Aggregation of sensor data,
  • Data qualification for reliability,
  • Data qualification for privacy screening.